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Saturday, September 21, 2013

Back and Ready to See You Smile!!!

Hey all you lovely people! I knew, and you probably knew, that there would be a time when I would come back to photography. It has been almost a good year off and have had time to get settled into as much of a routine as possible with 3 little boys, moving houses, busy husband at work, and a great summer! I have also had lots of time to think about what taking photos means to me and how I can enjoy this hobby as well as share the outcomes with you all. I am making some changes in the way I photograph and the way I take on these crazy sessions. There will be less props but that doesn't mean it will take away from the creativity of your pictures. In fact, I believe that most of the time all you need for a good photograph are people you love surrounding you, a good setting, and someone that has the eye to capture the moments (me!).  All the pricing can be found on the Q/A area, and the time between taking the photos and having them in your hands is still about 2 weeks.  My at home studio sessions are going to be a rarity as outdoor sessions are much more feasible for my family and myself at this time. I still love a good newborn session and have recently found out that some of the best photos taken are in the comfort of your own be prepared for me to invade your place! I will have some fall mini-sessions coming up to kick start all the fun be watching for dates! Please see the questions and answers section of the blog to see more details concerning prices, props, and types of sessions.

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